Eighty percent or more of healthcare spending in the United States is tied to the treatment of conditions that result from poor lifestyle choices. Don’t be a modern-day statistic – Lifestyle Medicine can help.

Lifestyle Medicine


Lifestyle Medicine is an emerging field of medicine that uses scientific, evidence-based, therapeutic lifestyle interventions to prevent, treat and often times reverse chronic diseases like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer.

Traditionally, medications, pills and injections have been the first response in treatment and relief from acute symptoms, but these approaches do not address the underlying cause of the condition. Only Lifestyle Medicine physicians are trained to identify the root cause of disease and prescribe solutions based in nutrition, exercise, epigenetics, rest and social connectivity in place of, or in addition to medications.


Choose healthy foods to nourish your body, soul and brain.

The foods you choose matter. Poor nutritional choices can promote obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension while weakening your body’s natural defenses. Learn to select foods that promote your immune system, create optimal gastrointestinal microbiota and minimize inflammation.


Be in tune with your body’s natural circadian rhythm or ‘biological clock.’

The latest scientific research confirms that your body’s internal clock is responsible for more than regulating sleep cycles — it also plays an important role in hunger, mental alertness, memory, mood, immunity and more. Create an equilibrium between your body and its clock for optimal health.


Spend time focusing on fitness, friendships and stress management.

These, along with trying different activities and learning new things, play a large role in your wellness and promote good health. It's important to devote time to them daily.

Empowered Life MD offers programs in weight loss, disease reversal & prevention, health optimization, and much more.

HOW CAN IT HELP? Some of the simplest things you do in your daily life have long-lasting effects on your health. What you eat, how much you move, how often you relax, the quality of your friendships and your sleep habits all contribute to your wellness and longevity.

By using our advanced screening tools and labs to understand your genetic pre-dispositions, EmpoweredLife MD creates a personalized, targeted nutritional and lifestyle plan that protects your health, fights disease and improves your longevity.

WHO CAN IT BENEFIT? Everyone! Young or old, people already in good health or those seeking it, those who are managing disease or those looking to prevent it — now is the time to optimize your best health!

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