Empowered Life MD offers programs in weight loss, disease reversal & prevention, health optimization, and much more.

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Chronic Disease Reversal & Prevention

Chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis and even cancer can all be reversed and/or prevented through a Lifestyle Medicine approach.

Empowered Life MD follows the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and evokes the use of evidence-based, lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoidance of risk-related substance use and other non-drug modalities, to prevent, treat and, often times, reverse the lifestyle-related, chronic disease that's all too prevalent.

Chronic Disease Reversal & Prevention

Weight Loss

Your dietary composition can affect your body’s metabolism. Macronutrient composition, meal timing and frequency, caloric density, fiber and your body’s microbiome all play a role in weight management.

We will work together to create the best eating plan that helps you reach your desired goals. When dietary modifications are not enough, we can tailor supplements and medications to help curb appetite, control insulin, block calories, increase metabolism and/or minimize caloric absorption.

Weight Loss

Health Optimization

Lifestyle Medicine has the power to revolutionize our healthcare system, resulting in better outcomes, lower costs and improved well-being for all patients.

Empowered Life MD will evaluate your current health, your personal history and your family’s medical history to formulate a unique pathway to optimized health. In addition, genetic testing and advanced clinical laboratory tests are at your disposal to help evaluate your health risks. Together, we can map a lifestyle program for you to be your best self!

Health Optimization

Other services we provide include:

  • Expanded laboratory testing (including cardiac panels, pre-diabetes assessment, nutritional evaluations, allergy panels and genetic sequencing)

  • Complete body composition testing (including breakdown of muscle mass in the trunk, upper and lower body)

  • Intra-/extra-cellular water evaluation

  • Measurement of body fat

  • Measurement of resting metabolic rate